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ideal spouse 


ideal spouse 

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all ready for easter

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Sain nauttia kaikenlaisii painajaisia viime yönä.

And then gifts from Charmaine. The top one was Takoyaki flavoured corn type snack. It was really nice imo. Then a sweet that was also lovely but I’m not sure what the flavour was. Betting on apple. I was forcing Julia to translate the jokes at the back. She was able to translate the answers but didn’t know a word in the sentence of the question, so the joke was lost on us. Mad progress from her in Japanese though, I’m so proud. Best one was the taiyaki styled chocolate wafer type sweet. The chocolate was really airy so it melted in your mouth instantly. Mad delicious. I live for this type of thing. Thank you forever, Charmaine, these are helping me.

And here some things that Julia brought back. One of her friends back in Cardiff received a care package which had a bunch of these sweets in it and she shared them out because of the interesting flavour, which is pickled plum. It’s pretty nasty at first but gets better because it’s just a coating. Kinda gooey at the centre. Julia couldn’t keep it in her mouth until that point though. She’s weak.
She brought back a keyring tooooooo. Yay muumit. Also Leo’s face.

So here are some things that the beautiful Charmaine brought back from from Japan and blessed me with. 6% Doki Doki hair clip and the most adorable stickers to add to my collection that I’m too afraid to use.
I was half expecting bits of corn kernels in the chocolate since it had pics of corn on the packaging but it was actually just a rice puff type consistency. Very delicious btw.

Yesterday I followed RS’s, Mort3mer’s and Julia’s path with make and eyebrows. I feel constricted with my real eyebrows but I’m beyond lazy recently to do anything about it. I’ll go back to alien eyebrows soon enough.